"ATIEH DARAN TEJARAT ARIO", has been established to expand business and business activities in the field of profitable activities.

Competition in global markets has gained new dimensions with the emergence of multinational corporations as well as emerging companies in newly emerging economies, which also means the need to address the business by utilizing the principles of science and new methods of life.

The small contribution of our country to the world economy and the share of one percent of gross domestic product by countries around the globe will make it harder for many manufacturers to compete with their global rivals. Hence, finding widespread and stable export markets and finding reliable supplies of raw materials, equipment, technology, and technical knowledge of the day will help manufacturers to survive in the market and better compete.
Ario Co., has effort to play the effective role in this issue.

Effective and serious presence in the field of equipment and supplies of oil and gas industries, types of chemicals, equipment and agricultural machinery, and consulting and executive services related to domestic and international marketing are among the main activities defined for the company.


Oil and Gas

- Supply various types of Pipe, Fitting, Flange,

- Supply Valves (types Y & T)

- Supply and manufacture of Bolt, Nut, Anchor Bolt

- Supply various types of steel, aluminum and copper plates and sheets

- Supply various industrial and instrumentation cables

- Supply rapping material and tubing restoration bands

- Supplying various types of equipment and goods for support and spare parts for generators.

Chemical materials

- Import additives which used in PVC industry

- Import stabilizers and fillers

- Import impact modifiers

- Import high risk shipping chemicals

- Supply resins and solvents

- Production of metal extractor

Agricultural machinery

- Import of agricultural machinery, combine harvester, Tyler and cultivator

- Reverse engineering and manufacturing of high technology machines

- Import of various spare parts and accessories

- Consulting, calculation and construction of various greenhouse structures

- Production and sale of various planting and rice processing plants

- Production of the UV sprayer

Strategic Partners:

1. PAYA SANTEZ Chemical Company: Producer of Metals and Chemical Additives used in the Plastics Industry

2. SEPAHAN DELTA Industrial Group: manufacturer of industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment

3. POOSHESH KALA CO. : Manufacturer of Packaging Machinery and Plastics Foam

4. ERAM ALBORZ IRANIAN Co.: Activity in the field of manufacturing and import of various industrial and agricultural machinery

5. HYDRO KESHT SABA Co.: Producer of greenhouse cultivation equipment and supplies

6: Elite Engineers Solutions Company

7: ADA Industrial Company (Hong Kong)

8: ITO motors Company (CHINA)

9: ADA Industrial (CHINA)

10: Reli Company (RUSSIAN)

11: Rapp-it Company (AUSTRALIA)


13: Minerva Motors (INDIA)



Activities performed:

1: Supplying goods such as Pipe, Fitting, Flange for Pearl Petrochemical Company

2: Supply of Valve for Pearl Petrochemical Company

3: Supply cable for O1 phases 17 and 18

4: Supply Lader for O1 phases 17 and 18

5: Supply Bolt and Anchor Bolt for phases 20 and 21

6: Supply of all types of stainless steel and aluminum sheets for phases 20 and 21

7: Supply of Generator Filters for Iran Petrochemical Company

8: Participation in the construction and equipping of a hot-air furnace heater manufacturing workshop (in cooperation with Hydro Saba Co.)

9: Equipping the industrial fan of industrial circuits in large salons (with the participation of Hydro Co., Saba cultivation)

10: Participation in the construction and production of metal extraction materials (with the participation of the PAYA SANTEZ Industry Chemical Company)

11: Industrial Production LIX Material for Sarcheshmeh Copper Co. (with the participation of the PAYASANTEZ Chemical Industry)

12: Manufacturing parts and assembling industrial ATM sprayers through reverse engineering of Micron Products UK

13: Production of high-end Dc engines with the participation of China I2 Motor Company

14: Production of the technology trailer of the micron company of England in agreement with the Ministry of Jihad (in cooperation with SEPAHAN DELTA Industrial Group)

Sole agency of:

1: Elite Engineers Solutions Company

2: ADA Industrial Company (Hong Kong)

3: ITO motors Company (CHINA)

4: Reli Company (RUSSIAN)

5: Rapp-it Company (AUSTRALIA)